American Dream

I don’t like Arnauld Montebourg. Six thirty AM, the radio-clock starts up. It’s waking up time. The radio delivers the news of the day. Maurice Taylor, the CEO of Titan is interviewed.  Titan is a tires American maker that was close to take over Goodyear in France which is going bankrupt. The deal will finally not be signed. He explains that French people only works three hours per day and do not have even a clue at what business is. However he adds that he loves France because French girls are beautiful, and French wines very good. It’s a bad joke!
Do you remember the role of BCG and its French General Manager in Detroit: Xavier Mosquet to save GM with the Obama’s administration in 2009?  Do you remember the role of Olivier François, this French marketing guru to save the Chrysler brand on the American market at the same time? No arrogance here or and even less xenophobia. This post just to remind that there are smart people all over the world and that the more they work together the more they increase the happiness of the Humanity.
Maurice, do you know what? Sadam Hussein didn’t have massive destruction weapons, and around me, nobody believes that Bush family saved the world!

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